Accordion Player or Organetto Player?

If you’ve been considering hiring an accordion player for a wedding, engagement, party, or another special occasion in Vaughan, you may not be aware of the rich sound and history of an organetto. Learn about this magnificent Italian instrument and the unique sound it can give for your event or occasion.

Accordions and Organettos

Accordions are known across the world for use in folk music, dance-pop, jazz, and classical music, while organettos are most commonly used in Italy, particularly the central and southern areas of the country. Many people often confuse these two similar instruments, but they have key differences.

The organetto makes musical sounds using seven natural pitches to form an octave and bellows that give the instrument wind supply. An organetto has the melody side with buttons producing the notes of a single diatonic scale and the bass side with buttons to make up the chords.

Like an accordion, the organetto is played by pressing keys and then pumping bellows. While an accordion produces notes based primarily on the keys, the organetto requires the bellows to be pushed and pulled in a certain way to create the desired notes. The accordion also has a button keyboard while the accordion’s keyboard looks like a piano.

The push-pull motions on the organetto make it a wonderful instrument for folk music, and quick tempos can be played on an organetto more easily than they can be played on an accordion. The unique sound and beauty of the organetto can take an event to a different level whether you’re hoping for a traditional Italian event or simply something special and more unusual. The organetto can help you connect to the rich Italian culture through folk songs and other beautiful music.

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